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Basic Steps You Can Follow While Making a Timelapse Video

Here are some of the basic steps that you can follow to produce the best timelapse video:

1. Positioning of the camera: Fixing the camera should be done such that it is enable to capture the complete procedure. Timelapse capturing is an automated process and you have to ensure that the camera captures all the required steps of the process. A tripod can be best suited to the entire process.

2. Speed of recording: There are different approaches to make a timelapse video on the basis of the speed of the recording. But whatever be the speed of the device you have to maintain an accurate time gap between two captured frames.

3. Focus: As we know that timelapse is an automated process and during the multiple shots, the cameraman should not leave the shots unattended. Attending the camera after every shot will help the videographer to learn about the quality of the clicked pictures and the modifications to make it more efficient.
4. Duration and memory: The duration of the timelapse video can vary as per the nature of the project. If it is hired for a bigger project then you have to invest a lot of time in capturing all the details of the projects. As per the project duration, you have to have the required memory to store the captured images.

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